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School Holiday Learn to Surf Group Lessons & Programs

This 1 or 3 day program is designed to give adults & kids a chance to try out surfing in a fun and safe environment these school holidays. Just come and give it a once off or build & develop the basic skills of surfing over a number of lessons and really notice the progress you make!

These programs are designed to educate as well. Participants will learn about beach & ocean safety, surf etiquette and the importance of lifelong physical activity.

This program runs in all NSW school holiday periods. Maximum 8 pupils in the group. You can purchase your package of lessons and use them on any dates/times that are available in the holidays. Remember adults are welcome too.


  • Soft surfboards

  • Wetsuits

  • Rash shirts

  • Sunscreen & zinc

  • Small groups & a small coach to student ratio (1:4)

  • Surf education

  • 90min lesson


1 x 90min lesson for $40

3 x 90 min lessons for $100


1. Pick how many lessons you would like

2. Contact us to book dates & times on 0415 881 301 or

3. Pay for your program via cash on the day, paypal or bank transfer (see below)

Monday 4th January 10.30am (FULL)
Monday 4th January 4.30pm (FULL)
Tuesday 5th January 10.30am FULL
Tuesday 5th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Wednesday 6th January 10.30am (FULL)
Wednesday 6th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Thursday 7th January 11am (FULL)
Thursday 7th January 1pm (FULL)
Thursday 7th January 3pm (FULL)
​Friday 8th January 11am (FULL)
Friday 8th January 1pm (FULL)
Friday 8th January 3pm (FULL)
Saturday 9th January 10am (FULL)
Saturday 9th January 12pm (FULL)
Sunday 10th January 12pm (FULL)
Sunday 10th January 2pm (FULL)

Monday 11th January 10.30am FULL
Monday 11th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Tuesday 12th January  10.30am (FULL)
Tuesday 12th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Wednesday 13th January 10.30am FULL
Wednesday 13th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Thursday 14th January 1pm (FULL)
Thursday 14th January  3pm (FULL)
Friday 15th January 1pm (FULL)
Friday 15th January 3pm (FULL)
Saturday 16th January 10am (FULL)
Saturday 16th January 3pm (FULL)
Sunday 17th January 12pm (FULL)
Sunday 17th January 2pm (FULL)

Monday 18th January 10.30am FULL
Monday 18th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Tuesday 19th January 10.30am FULL
Tuesday 19th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Wednesday 20th January 10.30am FULL
Wednesday 20th January 3.15pm (FULL)
Thursday 21st January 1pm (FULL)
Thursday 21st January 3pm (FULL)
Friday 22nd January 10am (FULL)
Saturday 23rd January 10am (FULL)
Saturday 23rd January 2pm (2 spots)

Monday 25th January 10.30am (FULL)
Monday 25th January 3.15pm

***LAST UPDATED 20/1/21 10pm***


Please put the description as the Participants full name

EXAMPLE: Sally Oman

Account name: Sals Surf School

BSB: 062 627

Account number: 1032 6478


1 Lesson Package $40


3 Lesson Package $100



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