School Holiday Learn to Surf Group Lessons

This 1 or 3 day program is designed to give adults & kids a chance to try out surfing in a fun and safe environment these school holidays. Just come and give it a once off or build & develop the basic skills of surfing over a number of lessons and really notice the progress you make!

These programs are designed to educate as well. Participants will learn about beach & ocean safety, surf etiquette and the importance of lifelong physical activity.

This program runs in all NSW school holiday periods. Maximum 8 pupils in the group. You can purchase your package of lessons and use them on any dates/times that are available in the holidays. Remember adults are welcome too.


  • Soft surfboards

  • Wetsuits

  • Rash shirts

  • Sunscreen & zinc

  • Small groups & a small coach to student ratio (1:4)

  • Surf education

  • 90min lesson


1 x 90min lesson for $40

3 x 90 min lessons for $100


1. Pick how many lessons you would like

2. Contact us to book dates & times on 0415 881 301 or

3. Pay for your program via cash on the day or bank transfer (see below)



Sat 10th April
9am -  FULL
10.45am -  FULL

Sun 11th April
9am - ​3 SPOTS
10.45am - 5 SPOTS
12.30pm -  FULL

Mon 12th April
10.30am - FULL
3.15pm - 12 SPOTS 

Tue 13th April
10.30am -  FULL
3.15pm - 11 SPOTS

Wed 14th April
10.30am - FULL
3.15pm -  10 SPOTS

Thu 15th April
10.30am - 2 SPOTS
3.15pm - SPOTS

Fri 16th April
9am - 5 SPOTS
10.45am - FULL
12.30pm - 8 SPOTS

Sat 17th April
9am -  FULL
10.45am - FULL
12.30pm - SPOTS

Sun 18th April
9am - 3 SPOTS
10.45am - 3 SPOTS
12.30pm - FULL


Please put the description as the Participants full name and date of their first lesson

EXAMPLE: Sally Oman 10th April

Account name: Sals Surf School

BSB: 062 627

Account number: 1032 6478